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The Workout

This class is an amazing experience for anyone looking to free up their spirit and get their creative juices flowing. It's a three-part workout for your entire instrument. Part 1 starts with an exploration of your body using music followed by an awareness exercise. In Part 2 we'll use a combination of memories and imagination to explore our emotional sense abilities. In Part 3  we'll channel this preparation into a short audition piece. The Actor’s Workout is a great way to get your feet wet and fully submerge into the acting process.

Character Building

Character Study is the process of synthesizing your own amorphous body and spirit with a scripted character in order to create a unique and complex 3-dimensional human being This process is what makes acting such a deep, joyful and spiritually rewarding craft. This class can be used to prepare for that big role, develop your own personal project or use the tools to achieve a new sense of personal freedom.

The Subtle Art of Modeling

Some people think that all there is to modeling is pouting your lips and having a cute smile. There really is so much more to creating intriguing and provocative images. A good model is completely comfortable in their skin and can achieve a level of spontaneity and freedom while still maintaining a subtle awareness of which angles and poses will work best for a particular image.  In this class, we will focus on creating a natural flow of moments which is a combination of movement and genuine emotions while still being aware of the technical aspects of camera and lighting.

The Audition Process

This On-Camera Audition Class addresses the technical aspects of auditioning while still nurturing ]the artistic process. We will work on taking back our power during the audition process and making it a fulfilling creative experience. Actors can bring in their own audition material (up to 3 pages in length) or work on the sides provided. The class is run like a real-world audition with actors signing in, waiting outside the audition room for their turn and will work one on one. The audition will be shot in 2-3 takes with notes and adjustments given in between. Sides for all classes will be provided and available the day before.

Scene Study

As actors, our job is to lend all of our physical and spiritual faculties to bring to life and color the black and white words in the script. A script is an overview,  a map of a particular storyline. Each performance is how a performer interprets the map and chooses which direction they will go on their journey into the life of their character. This class is a collaborative effort with 2 actors working together to explore and experience a situation otherwise known as a scene. 

Booking Commercials

The secret to auditioning for, booking and shooting commercials comes down to being able as natural as possible while also being able to scale a spontaneous performance up or down without losing the authenticity of the performance. Auditioning and performing in commercials involves being able to improvise and be spontaneous but most importantly to be yourself. Much of this class will focus on the auditioning process and how to keep it playful, light-hearted and fun.  

  • How do I sign up for a Class?
    ACTING CLASSES are by invitation only. If you are intersested in joining a particular class then please CONTACTDave to discuss your particular desires and goals.
  • Is it possible to take multiple classes and design my own program?
    Yes. CONTACT Dave to request a personal consultation and to devise a personal program that will best suite your artistic and professional goals.
  • What is the differerence between Classes and Workshops?
    A WORKSHOP is a particular program that takes place over a specific time period and consists of seminars and various classes designed to give the attendee a broad range of acting knowledge and experience. A CLASS is typically focused on one particular subject or aspect of acting, wether it be the Auditioning Process or Character Building or Scene Study etc.
  • How do I sign up for a Workshop?
    To see a list of our upcoming workshops go HERE. To express interest and register go HERE.
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